Yashvi Rebecchi is a character in Neighbours who was first seen in April 2017. She is the eldest daughter of Shane Rebecchi and Dipi Rebecchi. Yashvi recently joined the police force. Yashvi is played by Olivia Junkeer.




Yashvi arrived in Erinsborough in April 2017 with her family to live, as her uncle Toadfish Rebecchi (Jarrod Rebecchi) lived there.

Memorable info

Born: 2001

Full Name: Yashvi Rebecchi


Father Shane Rebecchi

Mother Dipi Rebecchi

SiblingsKirsha Rebecchi, Jay Rebecchi

Grandfathers Kevin "Big Kev" Rebecchi, Mr. Sharma

GrandmothersAngie Rebecchi, Mrs. Sharma

Uncles - "Stonefish" Rebecchi (Kevin Rebecchi jnr), "Toadfish" Rebecchi (Jarod Rebecchi)

AuntMishti Sharma

Great AuntsCoral ReevesJanelle Timmins

CousinsNell Rebecchi, Hugo Somers

Second Cousins - Brandon Timmins,  Dwayne TimminsDylan TimminsStingray TimminsJanae TimminsAnne Baxter

Adoptive Cousin - Callum Rebecchi

Adoptive Second CousinsTad Reeves (Wayne Reeves)Bree Timmins

Nicknames - Clownfish, Vi, Yash



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