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Shane Ramsay.

Shane Ramsay was a character in Neighbours from the first episode in March 1985 to Episode 437 - 3 March 1987. He was the last of the original Ramsay clan to leave the show, just 2 years after the show began. By the shows 2nd anniversary on the 18th March 1987, all the original Ramsay clan was gone, but replaced with relatives such as Henry Ramsay and Madge Mitchell. Shane was played by Peter O'Brien.


Shane Ramsay was born in the second half of 1963 to Max Ramsay and Maria Ramsay. He was their eldest child, and Max's only biological son. Maria Ramsay was Czech and of Czech and Italian heritage. Shane's grandfather Jack Ramsay was once Mayor of Erinsborough and a local street, Ramsay Street was named after him, of which Max and Maria lived at No 24 Ramsay Street. Maria had a fling with Tim Duncan in about September 1966 and he was the real father of Shane's younger half brother Danny Ramsay. Danny was born in June 1967.


In March 1985, Shane Ramsay was involved in a head on collision with bank robber Gordon Miller, who had just robbed the bank that Shane's neighbour Julie Robinson worked at. Shane sustained a back injury and this put paid to any hopes of him competing in the Olympics. In early February 1986, Shane was sacked from his chauffeur job for being unreliable. He had used one of the cars for a wedding without his boss' permission. Mr Sanderson, his boss sacked him.

He went into business with Clive Gibbons. In 1986, Shane Ramsay worked as a labourer at Lassiters Hotel and was mocked by his boss Paul Robinson after he tried to better himself. Paul said he should stick to what he does best, labouring. Shane punched Paul. In the end Paul apologised to Shane, saying he was out of line and they made up. Paul said Shane is not a loser really. Shane then did a dive despite his back injury and defied the doctors.

In January 1987, Shane met Harold Bishop, an old flame of Shane's aunty Madge.

In March 1987 Shane decided to leave Erinsborough to go travelling. He felt there was nothing left for him in Erinsborough and wanted to start afresh. He sold his gardening business to his cousin Henry Ramsay. Shane then left to go travelling, never to return to Erinsborough.

After 1987Edit

It is not known if Shane ever married or had any children after 1987, and apart from a brief call to Madge that year, since then, Shane has not been seen or heard from in Erinsborough. He has not been mentioned in present tense by anyone who knew him so it seems Shane has cut all ties with Erinsborough, and as of 2017, 30 years on, his current whereabouts are unknown.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 1964 (Probably January or February)

Shane in 1985.

Full Name: Shane Ramsay


In Episode 97 - 30 July 1985 Maria Ramsay said Shane is almost 22. Other sources say Shane was born in 1964, so he was probably 21 and a half in July 1985 and would be 22 next January or February. He may have been born in the second half of 1963.

A Sydney Morning Herald article from January 1985 on the upcoming show Neighbours, lists some of the characters and gives their age, and Shane is said to be 21, so he was 21 when the show begun in March 1985, which ties in with Maria saying he is almost 22 in July.

Out of the 4 original Ramsay family members, Max, Maria, Shane and Danny, Shane was the last of them to depart the show. Maria had left in Sep 1985, Max in May 1986, Danny in July 1986 and Shane in March 1987. Several relatives of the 4 original Ramsays had been bought in during 1986 and 1987 including Henry Ramsay, Tom Ramsay, Madge Mitchell (Nee Ramsay) and Madge's daughter Charlene Mitchell. Shane's departure was 2 weeks before the shows 2nd anniversary, so none of the original Ramsay members were around by the 2nd anniversary on the 18th March 1987. Although Danny did return very briefly in 2005.


Father Max Ramsay

Mother Maria Ramsay

Siblings Danny Ramsay (maternal half sibling), Jill Ramsay (paternal half sibling)

Grandfathers Dan Ramsay, Franco Rossi

Grandmothers Edna Ramsay, Anna Rossi Snr

Great grandfathers Jack Ramsay

Spouse Unknown

Uncles/Aunts Tom Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Anna Rossi, Doreen Ramsay

Great AuntMaud Ramsay

Cousins Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Moira Ramsay, Gemma Ramsay

Second CousinsDaniel RobinsonMadison Robinson

NephewHarry Ramsay

NiecesKate RamsaySophie Ramsay

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