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Jim, Paul, Des, Gail and Harold in 1989.

This is a family tree of the Robinson family, one of the major families throughout the history of Neighbours. Their family tree has been quite well documented. The chart below shows the family tree from the earliest known Robinson, Sam Robinson through to his great, great grandchildren Daniel Robinson and Madison Robinson.

Family Tree

Sam Robinson born c1890 married Unknown Woman c1915

Parents of:- James Robinson born 1919 or c1920 and Mr Robinson 1 other son.

James Robinson married Bess Ross in 1939.

Parents of:- Jim Robinson born 1940.

Jim Robinson married Anne Daniels in 1962 revised to 1963

Parents of:- Paul Robinson born 1963 (later altered to 1964), Scott Robinson born 1968 and Lucy Robinson born 1973

Anne Robinson was sexually assaulted by Roger Bannon in 1963 revised to 1964.

Parents of:- Julie Robinson (later Martin) born 1964 revised to 1965)

Jim Robinson had relationship with Maureen Donnelly in 1969

Parents of:- Glen Donnelly born 1970

Julie Robinson married Philip Martin in 1986

Parents of- Hannah Martin born 1983

Paul Robinson had an affair with Nene Williams in 1982.

Parents of- Amy Williams, born 1983.

Paul Robinson had a one-night stand with Kim Taylor in 1985

Parents of- David Tanaka and Leo Tanaka born 1985

Paul Robinson married Gail Lewis in 1987.

Parents of- Elle Robinson, Robert Robinson and Cameron Robinson born 1986

Scott Robinson married Charlene Mitchell in 1987.

Parents of- Daniel Robinson born 1992 and Madison Robinson born 1995

Paul Robinson married Christina Alessi in 1991 revised to 1992.

Parents if- Andrew Robinson born 1993

Amy Williams married Liam Barnett

Parents of- Jimmy Williams born 2005

Lucy Robinson and Chris Pappas had an agreement to have a child via IVF

Parents of- Annie Robinson-Pappas born 2015

Daniel Robinson married Imogen Willis in 2016

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