Ramsay Street.

Ramsay Street is the suburban cul de sac in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough in Melbourne, and has been the main setting for the Neighbours serial since 1985. Over the years it has housed many families from The Robinsons and Ramsays to The Clarkes, Kennedys, Scullys and Cammeniti's. The street was named after Jack Ramsay, a former major of Erinsborough and grandfather of Max Ramsay, Tom Ramsay and Madge Bishop.


Ramsay Street was named as such after Jack Ramsay, a local Mayor. Apparently Jack had a game of chance with Sam Robinson and won so the street was named after him.

Oscar Manning lived at No 30 Ramsay Street in a weatherboard house. The current houses in Ramsay Street were built in the early 1970s as Erinsborough grew. The original houses were replaced, No 30 by Oscar Manning.

North Avenue cuts right through Ramsay Street. The street was built on the site of old orchards. The name of the street was decided in honour of Jack Ramsay. Several surrounding streets were also named after former mayors of Erinsborough.


In 1963, Max Ramsay and his new wife Maria Ramsay moved into No 24 Ramsay Street. They had a son Shane Ramsay born in early 1964. Meanwhile Max's best friend Jim Robinson and his wife Anne Robinson moved into No 26 Ramsay Street. Jim and Anne had a son Paul Robinson in January 1960.

In the early 1980s, Des Clarke bought No 28 Ramsay Street.


Houses in Ramsay Street

Notable residents

  • Max Ramsay (1963-1986) Grandson of Jack Ramsay, whom the street was named after.

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