No 24 Ramsay Street.

No 24 Ramsay Street is a house in Ramsay Street, Erinsborough and was the home of the Ramsay family when the serial began in 1985, the head of the family being Max Ramsay. A Ramsay had lived in the house from the time the street was built to 1992 when Madge Bishop, nee Ramsay later Mitchell, left, thinking her husband Harold Bishop had died at sea. Lou Carpenter bought the house and later moved Cheryl Stark and her family in. Madge returned in 1996 when it was revealed that Harold was still alive and they moved back into No 24 permanently the following year. Madge died in 2001 and Harold continued to live there until 2008. Since then, residents such as the Kapoors, the Brennans and the Greysons have lived there.


No 24 Ramsay Street was built in 1963 when the street was being built. Max Ramsay, grandson of Jack Ramsay, whom Ramsay Street was named after, was the first owner of the house. In 1963 he moved his new wife Maria Ramsay into the house.


In 1985, Max Ramsay had owned the house since it was built. His marriage to Maria broke down when he found that he was not the real father of Danny Ramsay. Max always said he saw Danny as his son as much as Shane. In January 1986, Max's sister Madge Mitchell came to stay with him. Max and Madge fought like cat and dog. In April 1986, Madge's daughter Charlene Mitchell came to stay. In May 1986, Max seemed to vanish, and Madge, Charlene, Danny and Shane wondered where he had gone to. He had been contacted by Maria and had booked a last minute flight to Brisbane, Queensland. The next night he phoned Madge to say he was at the airport on his way to Brisbane. Max rung up his brother Tom to come to Erinsborough and cover for him. Max got a job in Brisbane and got back with Maria and decided that he would not be returning to Erinsborough. He sold his house to Tom.

In January 1987, Harold Bishop turned up at No 24. Charlene had helped arrange for him to visit his old flame Madge. Harold liked Erinsborough so decided to stay so lodged with Mrs Mangel. At the same time Henry Mitchell, Madge's son, came to stay. Harold got on well with Shane Ramsay and Henry during his frequent visits to No 24. In March 1987, Shane Ramsay left Erinsborough. Harold started dating Madge and Tom sold his share of No 24 to Harold. In May 1988, Madge became Mrs Harold Bishop.

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