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Nell Rebecchi is a minor character in Neighbours who is the daughter of Toadfish Rebecchi (Jarod Rebecchi) and Sonya Rebecchi. She was born in 7 January 2013. Her first appearance was Episode 6551 - 7 Jan 2013. Nell is played by Scarlett Anderson.

Nell Rebecchi in 2017.



Nell Rebecchi was born in 7th January 2013 to Toadfish Rebecchi (Jarod Rebecchi) and Sonya Rebecchi. She was named after former Ramsay Street resident Nell Mangel after Sonya saw a photo of her.

Memorable info

Born: 7 January 2013

Full Name: Nell Rebecchi

Nickname - Nellyfish, Jellyfish


Nell is named after former Ramsay Street resident Mrs Mangel, whose first name was Nell. Mrs Mangel had left Erinsborough 24 years before Nell was born.

although her birth was shown in Episode 6551 - 7 Jan 2013 (the season premiere), Nell‘s Medical records in that episode showed that she was born on 07/12/2012, the same day as Patrick Villante


Father Toadfish Rebecchi

Mother Sonya Rebecchi (deceased)

Siblings Callum Rebecchi (Half, same mother/ adoptive brother same father)   Hugo Somers (Half, same father)

Half sibling Caitlin Brennan (died during pregnancy) 

Grandfathers Kevin RebecchiWalter Mitchell

Adoptive Grandfather John Mitchell

Grandmothers Angie Rebecchi Fiona Mitchell

Great grandfathers Robert Jones

Great grandmothers Hilda Jones

Great, great grandfathers Cedric

Uncles "Stonefish" Rebecchi Shane Rebecchi

Aunts Jade Mitchell Zoe Mitchell Dipi Rebecchi

Great Aunt Coral Reeves

Cousins Yashvi Rebecchi Kirsha Rebecchi

Second Cousins Gemma Reeves Tad Reeves (Wayne Reeves) (adoptive) Brandon Timmins Dwayne Timmins Dylan Timmins Stingray Timmins Janae Timmins Anne Baxter Bree Timmins (adoptive)



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