1988 was Neighbours 4th year in prod
Naybers erinsborough map in credits

Neighbours opening title logo used throughout 1988.

uction. This year saw the first appeared of the legendary Lou Carpenter, who debuted in Episode 693 - 30 March 1988. Other new arrivals included

2 major characters departed this year, Charlene Robinson in July and Mrs Mangel in October. Charlene moved to Brisbane while husband Scott Robinson stayed behind in Erinsborough for a while longer and after marrying John Worthington, in October 1988, the busybody battleaxe Mrs Mangel decided to emigrate with him to England, never returning to Erinsborough.

On the 17th January 1988, Neighbours gained its first proper rival Australian soap, Channel 7's Home And Away, starting a ratings battle between the two soaps.

Reg Watson stood down as executive producer in late 1987 and the last episode under his reign was Episode 665 - 19 February 1988.

238 new episodes were broadcast in 1988. The season opener was Episode 638 - 13 January 1988, and the season finale was Episode 876 - 12 December 1988.

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Who Lived Where?Edit

  • No 22 Ramsay Street - Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson
  • No 24 Ramsay Street - Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson (until Jul), Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop (from May)
  • No 26 Ramsay Street - Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Beverly Marshall (from Feb), Todd Landers (from Feb), Katie Landers (from Feb), Nick Page (from Aug)
  • No 28 Ramsay Street - Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke, Mike Young,
  • No 30 Ramsay Street - Bronwyn Davies (from October), Sharon Davies (from October), Edith Chubb (from October)
  • No 32 Ramsay Street - Nell Mangel (until October), Jane Harris, Harold Bishop (until May) Bronwyn Davies (Jul-Oct), Sharon Davies (July-Oct) Joe Mangel (from October)

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