Welcome to the wiki site for Neighbours [1], the Australian produced world famous television soap opera/serial which first aired locally on the Seven Network and was created by Reg Watson [2] and produced by Grundy Television [3] from the 18th March 1985. 32 years later it is still going strong, now screening on Network Ten's digital channel 11 and produced by FremantleMedia [4] after Grundy's merged with Crackerjack Productions [5] . The program has won multi awards as a program including numerous Logies, as well as awards for it stars, and has been inducted into the LOGIE HALL OF FAME. From Gold-Logie winning personality Kylie Minogue and co-star Jason Donovan 's iconic television couple Scott And Charlene of the mid-1980s to Zeke Kinski and Sky Mangel of 2005 to Daniel Robinson and Amber Turner of 2015, as well as chronicling long time early favourite's like Harold Bishop and Madge Bishop as well as current popular long standing characters Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy and wife Susan Kennedy, This this the ultimate encyclopedia on the iconic Australian produced worldwide famous TV show and it actors and characters.

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