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Ned Willis is a character in Neighbours and is the son of Brad Willis and Beth Brennan. Ned is played by Ben Hall.


Ned Willis was born in October/November or December 1994, almost a year after Brad and Beth left their home town of Erinsborough to move to Perth in December 1993.

Brad and Beth divorced when Ned was a baby and Brad married Terese Petrides. Beth was a single mother after her and Brad split up.


Ned arrived in Erinsborough in April 2016 but there was an explosion at Lassiters Hotel which killed 2 of Ned's relatives, his half brother Josh Willis and grandfather Doug Willis. Lauren Turner saw a distinctive tattoo on Ned's chest, which is a gang tattoo, and Lauren had thought it looked familiar, as it was of a river gang. Ned's father Brad was becoming closer to Lauren now she was a widow and he had split from Terese. Ned was friendly with Lauren. He said he liked older women and even kissed her but she pulled away.

In August 2016, Elly Conway found a locket of blonde hair in Ned's wallet and thought it was Lauren's. Ned denied this.


Memorable info

Birthday: Late 1994

Full Name: Ned Willis

Nickname - Nedwardo


Father Brad Willis

Mother Beth Brennan

Siblings Paige Smith, Josh Willis (deceased 4 April 2016), Imogen Willis, Piper Willis (all half, same father)

Cousin Zac Willis, Roxy Willis

Second Cousin Cameron Hudson

Grandfathers Doug Willis, Bill Brennan

Grandmothers Pam Willis, Phyllis Brennan

Great grandfathers Bert Willis, Seamus Beresford

Great grandmothers Moina Beresford

Great, great grandfathers Zachary Willis

Uncles/Aunts John Willis (deceased), Adam Willis, Gaby WillisCody WillisDavid Brennan

Great Aunt Faye Hudson

Nephew Gabriel Smith

Niece Matilda Turner



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