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Melanie Pearson is a character in Neighbours who was first seen in Episode 544 - 30 July 1987. She was a girlfriend of Henry Mitchell. Melanie married Henry and left in 1991 but made a short cameo in Episode 4773 - 27 Jul 2005. She returned in 2021. Melanie is played by Lucinda Cowden.




Melanie arrived in August 1987 as the new girlfriend of Henry Mitchell/Ramsay. Her donkey laugh and bombastic personality was a turn off for Henry's mother Madge.


Melanie made a cameo for Annalise Hartman's documentary where she tracked down former Ramsay Street residents. Melanie spoke to the camera and gave her famous animalistic laugh.


Melanie revealed to Jane Harris and Des Clarke that she has returned to the area and now lives in Anson's Corner. Melanie then became friends with Toadfish Rebecchi (Jarrod Rebecchi) and they entered a relationship.

Memorable info

Birthday: 1965

Full Name: Melanie Pearson

Quotes "Huhhh, huhhhgghhh, huggghhh, hugggh, huggh" her famous donkey laugh.


Father - Bill Pearson 

Mother - Mrs Pearson 

Siblings - Justine Pearson


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