Lucy Anne Robinson is a character in Neighbo
Naybers lucy 2014

Lucy Robinson in 2014.

urs who first appeared in Episode 1 - 18 March 1985 and has appeared sporadically ever since. She is the only daughter of Jim Robinson and Anne Robinson and younger sister of Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson and half sister of Julie Martin. from 1985 to 1987 Lucy was played by Kylie Flinker, from 1987 to 1989 by Sasha Close and from 1991 to present by Melissa Bell. Lucy has appeared on a recurring basis since 1995. She last appeared in Episode 7421 - 1 August 2016.



Lucy Robinson was born on the 8th August 1973 the last child of Jim Robinson and Anne Robinson. Anne died shortly after childbirth and Anne's mother Helen Daniels helped Jim bring Lucy up. Due to Anne dying while giving birth to her, Lucy grew up with no memories of her mother.

Lucy saw Helen Daniels, her grandmother, as her mother figure.


In 1985, Lucy wa
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Lucy in 1986.

s 10 years old. In March 1986, her neighbour Des Clarke's old flame Andrea Townsend came to stay in Erinsborough. Des let her and her son Bradley Townsend stay with him. Lucy became friends with Bradley and she was even lead astray by him. She hated her father Jim's much younger fiancee Zoe Davis and her and Bradley made nuisance phonecalls to her. One time Zoe blew a whistle down the phone and Lucy ended up in hospital as the noise temporarily damaged her ear. Lucy was sorry. In June 1986 Bradley and Andrea went travelling with Jack Lassiter, Andrea's fiance. Lucy and Bradley kept in touch and in early 1987, Jack and Andrea invited Lucy to join them in Europe. Lucy returned to Australia a few months later. In September 1987 Lucy had a benign brain tumour which had to be removed. She then got a letter from Bradley says he had met another girl while touring in France and could not write to her anymore. Helen and Rick said Lucy was too good for Bradley anyway.

Lucy in 1987.


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Lucy returned to Erinsborough this year and stayed for 3 months. Mark Gottlieb found her in a strip club and returned her to her family in Ramsay Street.


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Lucy returned in 2013. She returned again in 2014 to visit her relatives and returned again in 2015. She formed a bond with Chris Pappas and agreed to be a surrogate mother to him and his partner Nate Kinski. In January 2015, she was told her baby could have a rare genetic disorder.

Character backgroundEdit

Birthday: 10th August 1973

Full Name: Lucy Anne Robinson

In April 1985 Lucy was said to be 10 years old, meaning she was born inbetween April 1974 and April 1975, and in November 1989 she was said to be 15 years old, which would mean if you went by her 1985 age, puts her DOB as inbetween April and November 1974. However Lucy turned 18 in August 1991, meaning she was born in August 1973, making her 11 in April 1985 and 16 in November 1989. Her age was raised slightly probably in order to suit new storyline ideas that appealed to late teens instead of people in their mid teens.


Father Jim Robinson

Mother Anne Robinson

ChildrenAnnie Robinson-Pappas

Siblings Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson (full), Julie Martin (half, same mother), Jill Ramsay (half, same mother), Glen Donnelly (half, same father)

Grandfathers James Robinson, Bill Daniels

Grandmothers Bess Robinson, Helen Daniels

Great GrandfathersSam Robinson, Mr. Simpson 

Great Grandmothers Gloria Simpson

Adoptive AuntRosemary Daniels

Great AuntsGwen SimpsonLaura Dennison

NiecesAmy RobinsonElle RobinsonHannah MartinMadison Robinson

NephewsCameron RobinsonRobert RobinsonAndrew RobinsonDaniel Robinson, Leo TanakaDavid Tanaka

Second Cousin Nikki Dennison

Pets Basil (pet) (1985-1987), Bouncer (1987)


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