Louis Thomas "Lou" Carpenter was a major character in Ne
Naybers lou 2014

Lou in 2014.

ighbours who first appeared in Episode 693 - 30 March 1988 and for a few episodes afterwards but returned full time in 1992. Since 2009, however, Lou had appeared on a part time basis. He left indefinitely in Episode 7509 - 1 December 2016. He was a lifelong friend of Harold Bishop, aka "Jelly Belly" and was one of the shows paitriarchs. Lou was the longest serving continuous character. He was played by Tom Oliver.


Louis Thomas Carpenter was born in October 1942 in Brisbane to Arthur Carpenter and his wife. Lou had a sister Brenda Carpenter. Lou went to school in Brisbane with Harold Bishop and Madge Ramsay, Madge being originally from Erinsborough, 500 miles away, who was sent to a school in Brisbane and stayed with relatives there. In 1963, Lou visited Hong Kong. He had a relationship with a medical student there called Su Chan and got her pregnant. Lou returned to Australia without Su after she rejected his offer to come back with him. In 1964, Lou became a father to Ling Mai Chan. He never knew of her existance for the next 30 years.


Lou Carpenter arrived in Erinsborough in March 1988 to see Madge and Harold. Lou met Charlene Robinson. Lou heard that Harold was marrying Madge so Lou tried to stop the wedding. Madge chose Harold so Lou then went back to Brisbane.


In January 1992, a few months after Harold was presumed dead, Lou came to Erinsborough to comfort Madge. He also came to visit his sister Brenda. Lou decided to stay in Erinsborough. Lou set up a used car garage. In February 1993, Lou's daughter Lauren came to stay with him in Erinsborough. In April 1993, Lou's neighbour Jim Robinson died of a heart attack and Lou was worried that he would so started going to the gym.

Lou begun dating Cheryl Stark. They never married though. In 1995, Cheryl saw Lou with a young Oriental woman and presumed that he was having an affair. This woman was Ling Mai Chan. When confronted, Lou said "The girl you saw is my daughter". Ling Mai had tracked her father down. Lou said he had been recieveing letters from Ling Mai and he then told Cheryl about his time in Hong Kong in the 1960s and how he got a woman pregnant.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: 4 October 1942

Full Name: Louis Carpenter


Father Arthur Carpenter

Siblings Brenda Riley

Spouse Kathy Carpenter, Linda Carpenter, Trixie Tucker

Children Ling Mai Chan (1964), Lauren Turner (1973), Guy Carpenter

Grandchildren Paige Smith, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner

Uncles/Aunts Elsie

Cousins Eddie

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