Leo Tanaka is a character in Neighbours who first appeared in 2016. He is the twin brother of David Tanaka. Leo is the more brash out of the brothers as David is a doctor. Leo and David are the illegitimate sons of Paul Robinson after a brief fling he had with Kim Taylor, whose father was Japanese. The apple does not fall far from the tree as like his father, Leo has a few villainous tendencies. Leo is played by Tim Kano.




Leo and David arrived in Erinsborough in September 2016. They had connections to Erinsborough. They wanted to find their father who they think was a doctor at Erinsborough Hospital in 1985.

Memorable info

Born: Oct to Dec 1985 (concieved early 1985)

Full Name: Leo Tanaka


Father Paul Robinson

Mother - Kim Tanaka

Adoptive Father - Mr. Tanaka

Siblings - David TanakaAmy Williams, (half, same father) Elle Robinson, (half, same father) Robert Robinson, (half, same father) Cameron Robinson, (half, same father) Andrew Robinson, (half, same father)

Grandmothers Marcia TaylorAnne Robinson

GrandfatherJim Robinson

Adoptive Grandfather Neil Taylor

Aunt - Karen (half, same mother)

Great Grandmothers Kazuko SanoHelen Daniels

Great GrandfathersJames RobinsonBill Daniels

UnclesScott RobinsonGlen Donnelly

Aunts Julie MartinLucy RobinsonJill Ramsay

Great Great AuntsLaura DennisonGwen Simpson

CousinsHannah MartinDaniel RobinsonMadison RobinsonKate RamsayHarry RamsaySophie Ramsay

Third CousinsNikki Dennison


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