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Karl Kennedy [1] is a long running character in Neighbours, first appearing in Episode 2242 - 20 September 1994. He is the local doctor. He is the head of the Kennedy clan and is a local pillar of the community. Since the permanent exit of Lou Carpenter in 2016, Karl has become the longest serving continuous male character. He is played by Alan Fletcher.


Karl Raymond Marx Kennedy was born on the 23rd July 1955 to Molly Kennedy and Ronald Davies-Smythe, who was a friend of Tom Kennedy, Molly's husband. Tom was unable to concieve so Ronald agreed to be a donor. Tom bought Karl up as his own child, so Karl took Tom's name of Kennedy. Karl Kennedy met Susan Smith and they married in 1973. They had 3 children, Malcolm Kennedy in 1977, Libby Kennedy in 1978 and Billy Kennedy in 1980. Karl was a doctor.


Karl Kennedy and his wife Susan and their children, Mal, Libby and Billy moved into No 28 Ramsay Street in September 1994. Karl set up his medical practise at The Lassiters Complex. In 1996, Karl was giving medical advice to a young boy whose father disagreed with it and said to Karl he would be practising medicine on himself. Karl's surgery later blew up.

In 1997, Karl and Susan's marriage hit the rocks when he started seeing Sarah Beaumont. One time Susan suspected he was having an affair, as well as Harold Bishop. When Karl was taking photos of Sarah's back in the surgery, seeing if she had a cancerous mole, Harold walked in, unannounced and got the wrong idea.

Memorable info

Birthday: 23rd July 1955

Full Name: Karl Raymond Marx Kennedy


Father Ronald Davies-Smythe, Tom Kennedy (Adoptive)

Mother Molly Kennedy

Spouse Susan Smith (1978-2004, 2007-)

Children Malcolm Kennedy (1977), Libby Kennedy (1978), Billy Kennedy (1980), Holly Hoyland (2007)

Grandfathers Peter Thomas Davies

Grandmothers Elizabeth V Smythe

Grandsons Ben Kirk , Jackson Kennedy



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