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Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels (Nee Simpson) was a character in Neighbours from the first episode in 1985 to Episode 2965 - 17 October 1997. She was a leading lady in the show and one of the shows matriarchs. Everyone else in Ramsay Street looked up to Helen. She was played by Anne Haddy.


Helen Simpson was born in September 1922. She was the eldest of 3 children. In 1939 when she was 17 years old she married Bill Daniels and they had a daughter Anne Daniels in 1940. Bill died in 1969. Helen became a grandmother for the first time in 1964 when Paul Robinson was born that January. She had a few more grandchildren, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson and Lucy Robinson born in 1973. Helen's daughter Anne died in childbirth and Helen became the lady of the house and bought Lucy up while her father Jim Robinson earned money.


In 1985, Helen was the strong matriarchal figure who had been the lady of the house for 10 years, having helped Jim Robinson bring up Lucy after Anne's death. In 1986, Helen said her grandson Scott Robinson was still too immature to have a relationship with Charlene Mitchell. Helen also tried to get to the bottom of why Mrs York was starving herself to pay for her house, living off stale food from the leftovers of Daphne's Coffee Shop, Lassiters.

In the 1990s Helen's heath deteriorated, especially in 1995 and 1996. One time she went round to visit her friend Marlene Kratz at No 24 Ramsay Street and as she was arriving, a man who looked just like her "deceased" friend Harold Bishop left. Helen was shocked as she thought Harold was washed out to sea and had died 5 years before.

In late 1997, Helen was ill again and she died peacefully in October 1997 surrounded by members of her family. She also watched a video of her grandson Scott's wedding to Charlene 10 years before.

Memorable infoEdit

Birthday: September 1922

Died: October 1997 (Aged 75)

Full Name: Helen Daniels (nee Simpson)


Father Mr Simpson

Mother Gloria Simpson

Siblings Laura Dennison, Gwen Simpson

Spouse Bill Daniels (1939-1969), Michael Daniels (1991)  Reuben White (1995)

Children Anne Robinson,(biologicial) Rosemary Daniels (adoptive)

Grandchildren Paul Robinson, Julie Martin, Jill Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Great Grandchildren Amy RobinsonCameron RobinsonRobert RobinsonElle RobinsonAndrew RobinsonDaniel RobinsonMadison RobinsonKate RamsayHarry RamsaySophie Ramsay Hannah MartinLeo TanakaDavid Tanaka

Great Great Grandchildren Jimmy Williams

First cousins Thelma Duncan

Second cousins once removed Wayne Duncan, Troy Duncan


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