Erinsborough High School.

Erinsborough High School is the main school in Erinsborough. It has been the educating place for many Ramsay Street residents over the years.


Erinsborough High School was built in the 1950s as Erinsborough grew. Many residents of Ramsay Street such as the Robinsons and Ramsay members were educated there.

1985-1986, 1988-

In March 1985, Scott Robinson and Danny Ramsay were still students. Sue Parker was in the 1986 class with Scott, Charlene Mitchell, Nikki Dennison and Mike Young.

From 1986 to 1988 the school was never housed. By February 1988, the school was vacated.

In October 2015, a fire destroyed the school at an event held there. No one died but Sheila Canning had smoke inhalation and Toadie had to be dragged out by Sonya as he was temporarily in a wheelchair.

Teachers over the years


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