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Gail Robinson reads the letter from her late mother Brenda Lewis. She reads it out to Paul Robinson. The letters says that Brenda and Rob Lewis could not have their own children and adopted her. Gail is shocked as she always assumed Rob and Brenda were her blood parents. Gail feels she has been lied to and her dad never gave her even a small clue that she was adopted. Mrs Mangel gossips about Eileen Clarke remarrying her ex husband Malcolm Clarke. Jim Robinson and Helen Daniels comfort Gail over her discovery. Helen says she had adopted Rosemary Daniels. Jim says he wishes he was adopted as a child. Paul summons Gail's dad Rob to see her. That night, Eileen wants Mrs Mangel to be her matron of honour, and to even ask Jane Harris to wake her up to tell her. Nell has a migraine. Mike Young does sit ups in Ramsay Street. Mrs Mangel agrees to be Eileen's matron of honour. Eileen is pleased. Rob arrives and Gail says she found out, she found the letter. She says to Rob "I know you are not my father". Rob says back "Who says I am not your father?".


Guest cast

Writer: Reg Watson

Series Producer: Marie Trevor

Director: Tony Osicka

Executive Producer: Reg Watson

Prev Episode Episode 655 - 5 February 1988

Next Episode Episode 657 - 9 February 1988

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