Lucinda "Elle" Robinson was a character in Neighbours who first appeared in Episode 4811 - 19 Sep 2005. She was one of the triplet children of Paul Robinson and Gail Robinson. Elle was played by Pippa Black.




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Grandfather: James 'Jim' Robinson, Ian Chadwick (biological) Rob Lewis (adoptive)

Grandmother: Anne Robinson (nee Daniels) Louise Hampstead (biological) Brenda Lewis (adoptive)

Great grandmother: Helen Daniels

Great grandfather: Bill Daniels

Great great grandmother: Bess Robinson

Great great grandfather: James Robinson

Father: Paul Robinson

Mother: Gail Robinson (nee Lewis)

Siblings: Robert Robinson, Cameron Robinson

Half-brothers: Andrew RobinsonDavid TanakaLeo Tanaka

Half-sister: Amy Robinson

Aunts Julie Martin, Lucy Robinson

Great great aunts: Laura Dennison , Gwen Simpson, Rosemary Daniels (adoptive)

Uncles: Scott Robinson, Glen DonnellyJill Ramsay

Cousins: Daniel Robinson, Madison Robinson, Hannah MartinKate RamsaySophie RamsayHarry Ramsay

Third cousin: Nikki Dennison

Niece - Harlow Robinson

Nephew - Jimmy Williams


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