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David Tanaka is a character in Neighbours who first appeared in 2016. He is the twin brother of Leo Tanaka and a doctor at Erinsborough Hospital. Leo and David are the illegitimate sons of Paul Robinson after a brief fling he had with Kim Taylor, whose real father was Japanese. David is a doctor, and is the more civilised of the two brothers. David is played by Takaya Honda.



David and his twin brother Leo were the result of a one night stand between Kim Taylor and Paul Robinson. Kim believed that her then boyfriend Bradley Satchwell was the father but realised after her sons were born that the timing only meant Paul could be the father. She never told her sons who their father was or told Paul that he had twins because she believed he wouldn't have been a good father.

2016 -

Memorable info

Born: Oct to Dec 1985 (concieved early 1985)

Full Name: David Tanaka

Pets - Regina Grundy (2018-2019)


Siblings Leo TanakaAmy Williams, (half, same father) Elle Robinson, (half, same father) Robert Robinson,(half, same father) Cameron Robinson, (half, same father) Andrew Robinson (half, same father)

Spouse - Aaron Brennan

Children - Isla Tanaka-Brennan

Father - Paul Robinson

Mother - Kim Tanaka

Adoptive Father - Mr. Tanaka

GrandmotherMarcia Taylor, Anne Robinson

GrandfatherJim Robinson

Adoptive GrandfatherNeil Taylor

Great Grandfathers - James RobinsonBill Daniels

Aunt - Karen (half, same mother)

Great Grandmothers Kazuko SanoHelen DanielsBess Robinson

UnclesScott RobinsonGlen Donnelly

AuntsJulie MartinLucy RobinsonJill Ramsay

Great Great Aunts Laura DennisonGwen Simpson

CousinsHannah MartinDaniel RobinsonMadison RobinsonAnnie Robinson-PappasKate RamsayHarry RamsaySophie Ramsay


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