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Chloe Greyson (née Brennan) is the sister of of Mark, Aaron and Tyler Brennan and the wife of Pierce Greyson. is unknown what happened to her but when Russell and his wife divorced, Chloe moved with her mother to Adelaide and the boys stayed with Russell. She is played by April Rose Pengilly.




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Chloe Brennan arrived in Erinsborough in March 2018. She seemed to be a typical spoiled brat type of person. Elly Conway saw her chatting to her brother and confused her for his date. She then saw Chloe delving into Mark's wallet and challenged her. Mark introduced her as his sister Chloe Brennan.

At the end of may, her fling with her boss Leo Tanaka was revealed after being caught out by Paul and Mark.

In August 2018, Chloe was diagnosed with Huntingdon's Disease.

She also started paid dating Cash4Company around August/September time then finally got caught out by Dipi on the 17th September after Chloe was caught chatting with Shane.

Memorable info

  • Born 09 September 1990


Father - Russell Brennan

Mother - Fay Brennan

Siblings - Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Niece - Caitlin Brennan (died during pregnancy)

Spouse - Pierce Greyson (9th December 2019-present)


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