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Katie.sell.73 Katie.sell.73 23 April 2020

Kristina Katie Turner Renshaw

Kristina Katie Turner Renshaw also Greyson,Watkins Played Katie Sell



Kristina Was Born In Mount Isa at Queensland She was Stolen at Birth By GrandMother Kathy Carpenter Told Her Parents She Had Died at Birth After That She Was Put up Adoption and Taken In By Millionaire Adam,Olivia Williams Kristina Grew Up Two Adopted Siblings Lucas and Sophie Willias Kristina Aged 14 Hunter Her Parents Drown To Fiind Her True Indenitiy. She was Pleased To Find out That They Also Lives In Mount Isa and She Had Three Biologyical Siblings Mason and Bailey and Amber Tujrner. Katie's Biologyical Parents Matt and Lauren Turner were Surpnsed To Hear. about Their Long Lost Daughter bu7t were Happy into Tje Family. When Aged 17 got Scholaeship T…

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Loco123456 Loco123456 10 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everybody,

A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

Link to petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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